he core of the Texhaven note taking program is a plain-text file. It offers Markdown formatting and options to link to images or other notes but its heart, its essence, is basic text in a simple file in a directory on your hard drive. A file that is easy to read, edit, back up, share or search on virtually any device you would want to read or edit a document on.

lain-text is timeless. Words that you type into a plain-text file today will be just as fresh and readable in 10 years as they are today. You're not locked into a specific format, meaning you can step off the Office Suite upgrade and subscription merry-go-round whenever you want and not worry that you'll lose access to your info.

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Texthaven can also be used for creating and editing CSV spreadsheet documents. A CSV file is a plain-text file containing tabular information separated by comma's. This is a method of organizing data in a grid but still being able to store it in future-proof plain text files.

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September 15, 2018

TexthavenFree for Android released

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